On a road trip with apple maps


So I dropped Khalid off at his school and on my way back, lost my way and ended up at what looked like ‘the middle of nowhere’. After some failed trials and an hour later, I decided to use whatever data that was left on my mobile to guide me home. That was when I realized that I had not downloaded google maps after my recent phone switch and that I’m left with apple’s maps. I had heard a lot about apple maps, but internet always exaggerates, it couldn’t be that bad, right?

So I decided to use the apple maps and here is our conversation.


apple: I can’t find your location.

Me: *Turns location services on*

apple: okay, where are you….hmmm…. yeah… guess you are here 😐 . Where do you want to go?

Me: M – U – S

apple: Musaffah police station / musaffah?




apple: Sorry, Can’t find the place



then why did you ask?



Me: Fine, Musaffah police station

apple: Okay, here you go… this is the route

Me: Ok, start routing

apple: can’t do. There is no road nearby

Me* What!! I’m on a road. I’m on a fricking road apple. I’m on one of those grey ash things that you call a road. THIS IS A ROAD. Show me the way you stupid app



Me: *tries google app download, but it doesnt download. So I go on web and use the search. It gives the route but unfortunately it is not hands free.

Me: Apple, please show me the way

Apple: from your location, right?

Me – Uh – huh *sob*

Apple: to where?

Me: Musaffah police station

Apple : dont know – where is that place?




And since my 3G was still stubborn on not downloading google maps, I pulled over and asked a man who was nice enough to lead me to the Musaffah exit. Sometimes the old fashioned way is much much better!

And you apple, it should be illegal for you to make maps!


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