Bio: A literature freak (occasionally has fallen asleep while reading Maugham and Hemingway), thinks a lot about the small scratch and nothing about the broken bone.Loves choices, believes in following her heart(its tough though)and does what she think is right (took so much time to learn this) Living her life between Trivandrum and Abu Dhabi, loves both the places and calls herself a writer and literature enthusiast (although there is no substantial proof to that) and believes that she would get a book published one day. (Yeah!!! Yeah!! I see your faces) Can't a woman dream???? Having said that, I am a dreamer, dancer and a teacher:) Well, in a nutshell - a literature and art enthusiast who always manages to lose her mind somewhere and is seldom in her right senses (according to others). An average yet opinionated woman married to an extraordinary guy who is her best friend, whom she loves to nag and be with, the side effect of which has been two boys.

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